An experiment of lived anarchy

The A Camp 2020 is aimed towards all those who identify themselves or are interested in anarchist ideas. Based on solidarity, mutual aid, free association and self organization we will try to experiment with anarchy(ies) during this week.

The A-Camp will consist of days filled with debates, discussions, practical workshops, sport, creative activities and everything, that people will proactively contribute to it and make of it. You do not need to have experience with making a workshop to start one. It is not about knowing something perfectly, but learning collectively. The focus will be exchange, meeting one another, and deepening relationships that we already have with one another, to find perspectives and means that can expedite the overcoming of the established order.

We want the A-Camp to become a meeting point of people with common struggles, to connect and exchange. The camp will happen in Austria, but we want to invite everyone who wants to participate, especially people and collectives from places outside of Austria. We will try to include people who don’t speak English or German with whisper translations.

We additionally decided to have a solidarity fund for people and collectives who need to travel to reach the camp (shitty borders), so feel free to write us about that. We want to make this work to find ways for everyone who is interested to participate.

We want to make it as accessible as we can, more information about accessibility by wheelchair, indoor sleeping places, child care, animals, trailers, special diets etc. are on the website under infrastructure.

We will not tolerate any excluding/discriminating or molesting behavior at this camp. There will be space and material on the camp to reflect and challenge these behaviors individually and collectively.

You can also write us if there are some issues we did not address here and are important for you (

To increase anticipation, here you can find the announcement-video!

The a camp will be, what each one will be making of it. Towards anarchy!

Let us know if you want to participate, give a workshop or want to contribute. We have a limited amount of space, so its important to register on the website or via email for the camp.


Although corona prevention is something that needs to be discussed and implemented together, we discussed a few points in advance what we could do against the transmission. Also to give people an idea of ​​how to deal with the virus at the camp. Here are a few points that we have considered:

  • Kitchen layers for serving meals and washing dishes, which are based on a hygiene concept.
  • Regular layers for disinfecting surfaces, door handles, toilets etc.
  • Open windows in closed rooms
  • Parties, like almost all other activities, can take place outside (covered areas available).
  • There can be an email list at the infopoint for people who would like to be informed if a person reports symptoms or positive results after the camp.
  • Donation box for corona tests to support people with symptoms after the camp.

There will be disinfectants and cleaning supplies. However, please bring your own masks and pay attention to symptoms!

Lost & found Camp 2019

We found some things which people forgot at the camp. There is also a keychain amongst it. If you are missing something please write a mail to: