A-Camp Self-Image:

With the Anarchist Summer Camp 2022 we, this year’s orga group, want to create a space to get to know each other, to exchange ideas, to network, to talk about current as well as future projects, to learn together, to laugh and to take some distance from the capitalist everyday life at least for a few days.
The A-Camp is a jointly designed and spent week with the thematic focus: anarchy. Here you will have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of activities, attend workshops as well as offer workshops yourself, live together, cook, lie in the sun, and whatever else comes to your mind.
With the beginning of the camp, we will dissolve as an orga group and the camp will be designed in community cooperation over the next week and a half. As an orga group we only see our task in creating a framework in which the A-Camp can unfold.
The point is to collectively take responsibility for each other, to pay attention to needs and limits, both our own and those of our fellow human beings.
We live in a society that is permeated by structures of power, exploitation and domination. These show up in many ways, they form intersections, they exist in structural and material realities and in individual interactions that we have all learned, and continue to learn, through our socialization in this society.
To improve the accessibility of the camp, we want to practice a sensitive use of language on site. For example, workshops will be held in English as an option when desired and possible, and other language barriers will be addressed with whispered translation. Information on barriers/accessibility can be found under Infrastructure in the navigation bar.
In short, in order to find a good way of dealing with each other, both at A-Camp and beyond, we need to actively reflect on structures of domination and any form of oppression, individually as well as collectively, and we need to work on breaking with the prevailing oppressive conditions wherever we can, in order to make togetherness as fulfilling as possible for all.
If your interest is piqued, we look forward to meeting you at A-Camp, we look forward to it.

Greetings in solidarity, and see you soon,
Your A-Camp Orga-Team


Although corona prevention is something that needs to be discussed and implemented together, we discussed a few points in advance what we could do against the transmission. Also to give people an idea of ​​how to deal with the virus at the camp. Here are a few points that we have considered:

  • Kitchen layers for serving meals and washing dishes, which are based on a hygiene concept.
  • Regular layers for disinfecting surfaces, door handles, toilets etc.
  • Open windows in closed rooms
  • Parties, like almost all other activities, can take place outside (covered areas available).
  • There can be an email list at the infopoint for people who would like to be informed if a person reports symptoms or positive results after the camp.
  • Donation box for corona tests to support people with symptoms after the camp.

There will be disinfectants and cleaning supplies. However, please bring your own masks and pay attention to symptoms!

Lost & found Camp 2019

We found some things which people forgot at the camp. There is also a keychain amongst it. If you are missing something please write a mail