Contribute to the camp

Construction days start on 29.08.2022. Come over!

If you want to support the camp, but have no time to engage in the organizing before the camp, there are two things which we would be delighted to have happen:

Spread Information

You can spread everywhere flyers and posters that announce the camp. If you are interested in preading informational materials, write us an email and we will send you the amount you need.

Donating Money and Things

Of course, money and the donation of useful items are welcome. If you want to organize an event to raise funds or do something similar to support the camp financially, we would be pleased.

Also here is a list of stuff that is still needed (please sent us an email if you can bring one of this things):

  • Food and Drinks
  • Cooking equipment
  • Instruments , Drums, Boxes
  • Books Zienes Flyer Poster
  • Extra Tents
  • microphones and cabel
  • Games for the kids-tent