Workshop Announcements

*Coming soon*

An overview of the workshops. Keep in mind that most of the workshops will be spontaneous. If you want to register a program point, let us know!


Tuesday 28.7.
 Construction day Construction day Construction day 
Wednesday 29.7.    
Thursday 30.7. -Awarness-Introduction  
Friday 31.7.  
Saturday 1.8. – Climate Crimes (Book: Befreiung vom Geld und Eigentum)

-land-collective-exchange/ discussion

-Actionstraining (Skills4Action)
 Flatcapped Onions Concert (no border folk) 
Sunday 2.8.  -Money and property (Book: Befreiung vom Geld und Eigentum)

– Concert: Stromabwärts (anarchx folk punk)
Monday 3.8.    
Tuesday 4.8.
Wednesday 5.8.
Thursday 6.8.Dismantling dayDismantling dayDismantling day

Further workshops, which do not have a fixed date yet:

  • Bands
  • Selfexperiencegroup to critical masculinity on the topic of friendship
  • “Get ready for IT!”   … for WHAT? Selfexpress yourself! Your ideas, opinions, theories, songs, fantasies…
  • Intro in DESKTOP SYNTHIZISERS – FLINTA* (29.07-3.08)
  • History of racism in the USA
  • Tree climbing workshop and story about the Hambach Forest
  • FLINT* Tattoo Action (31.07, 01.08 or 02.08)
  • Exchange about Hormone Therapy (HRT) >>Trans and Inter Only<<
  • Learning how to skate – WLITN* Only
  • Anarchism = Antispeciesism
  • “Bis ist, was wäre wenn” (Diskussion/ Exchange about personal utopia)
  • No new Motorway – The fight in Danni this automn will be heated
  • Critique of renewable energies

If you want to register a program point, let us know!