Stand on Drugs, Fotos & Co(rona)

Drugs and Alcohol

Regarding substances, we rely on a self-defined and self-responsible approach. And a consumption where other people are not affected. We want to underline that the camp will not be a festival or a big party.


We ask you to leave your dogs at home. There are people who are afraid of dogs. Past experience has also shown that a larger number of dogs at camps can be unpleasant and very complicated.

Smartphones and photography/filming

It was our goal to create mobile phone free places at the camp, so that we can create an atmosphere where we don’t have to think about what we can talk about all the time. In practice, this idea failed because of the ‘all or nothing’ problem. So instead we are all asked to find a safe, pleasant and yet practical way of using smartphones. There will be hints about the possible presence of mobile phones and at workshops it can be asked not to take mobile phones with you. Ideas and suggestions regarding this topic are very welcome.

Please do not photograph, film or record sound at the camp unless you have the explicit consent of each person concerned!

No Facebook, No Twitter

We ask you not to comment on the camp in social media during and after the camp. This has already happened in the past and not only creates a strange dynamic on the camp itself, but is also a source of food for repressive forces.


Although corona prevention is something that needs to be discussed and implemented together, we discussed a few points in advance what we could do against the transmission. Also to give people an idea of ​​how to deal with the virus at the camp. Here are a few points that we have considered:

  • Kitchen layers for serving meals and washing dishes, which are based on a hygiene concept.
  • Open windows in closed rooms
  • Parties, like almost all other activities, can take place outside (covered areas available).
  • There can be an email list at the infopoint for people who would like to be informed if a person reports symptoms or positive results after the camp.

There will be disinfectants and cleaning supplies. However, please bring your own masks , test bevor coming and pay attention to symptoms!